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Jobhubble provides sophisticated marketing tools specifically designed to recruit top talent and reduce costs.

Promote Your Employer Brand

Increase Candidate Referrals

Build a Long Run Candidate Funnel

92% of people say they trust influencers more than paid ads.

Up to 99% less expensive than paid advertising or traditional recruiting

Content on social media from influencers is clicked 16 times more often than paid ads.

Jobhubble's influencer marketing platform instantly connects you with influencers that promote your employer brand to the audience of passive candidates you want to hire.

Influencer Marketing for Your Employer Brand

Enhance Your Candidate Referral Program

Jobhubble helps you effortlessly generate more candidate referrals from your employees, your employees' friends, your candidates and from people outside your network.

Simple referral process

Referrals are easily tracked

Rewards can be donated to charity

People that aren't looking for a new job don't keep an updated resume and they won't apply to a job just to ask a question when they're interested to learn more. Normally, the candidate moves on without engaging.

Jobhubble lets potential candidates send you questions so you can start a dialogue and create a candidate lead.

Build a Long Run Candidate Funnel

Jobhubble turns your jobs into a marketing team that will create candidate leads for you with great passive candidates.

Promote your outreach events like hackathons

Increase your social followers

Turn Interest Into Action

How Does it Work?

Well, we do all the work!


Reach the 75% of people who don't visit job sites

Reduce your cost per hire by 90%+


Increase cost-free candidate applications from your career page

Scale your candidate referral program




We'll work with you to upload your employer branding images to make sure your content is optimized for mobile and social viewing. 

Now you're strengthening your employer brand with the people you want to hire, generating candidate referrals and adding more leads to your long run candidate funnel.


Create your open jobs. We instantly give your jobs amazing new abilities and connect your jobs with influencers where you are hiring.

Anti-Fraud Monitoring

Safe and Secure

Mobile Authentication

Jobhubble programmatically monitors user behavior.

Jobhubble authenticates every user through their mobile device.

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